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Alyssa Alia's new and second cookbook "If the Table Could Talk - A Taste of the Holidays" is about her menus and memories of her life as a food stylist. It will be available early Fall 2022. .Pre-orders are welcome! This beautiful cookbook makes a perfect hostess gift as we approach the holiday season!

"This cookbook is all about all our holidays celebrated at our home. I have created, logged and saved a menu for every holiday that I have served at my table for over 30 years I feature six holidays: New Year's Eve, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day. I invite you to take a seat at my table to en-Joy my special holiday recipes and make new magical memories with your loved one. I wanted to share these cherished recipes as an autobiography of my culinary life. I food styled every photo and included tips for every recipe to help you save time in the kitchen so you can keep your table talking with love and ease! Cooking brings people together. Food is love!" 

"En-JOY and cook just for the LOVE of it!"

-Alyssa XO

As a professional food stylist and certified culinary chef, and captured by the menus she's saved from decades of home celebrations, Alyssa's created a treasure trove of well-loved family recipes - delectable, fun, easy-to-prepare and filled with joy! 


Alyssa has been inspired by hundreds of menus she's created while entertaining in her home, around her table.


Front Cover Celebrations Cookbook.jpg

 If your table could talk, what would it say?


Alyssa Alia is one of the top professional food stylists in the U.S. and a working mother of two who is proud to present her first solo cookbook, IF THE TABLE COULD TALK - A Taste of Celebrations from the Menus and Memories of the Life of a Food Stylist. Captured by the menus she’s created and saved from decades of home celebrations, you’ll find within these pages a treasure trove of well-loved family recipes — delectable, fun, easy-to-prepare and filled with joy! These recipes, developed and prepared lovingly by Alyssa over many years, are presented here with time-saving tips, make ahead tricks, decorating ideas and hints for how to make every gathering you host, big or small, a success. 


She presents this cookbook as an autobiography of her culinary life.


Alyssa entices you with gorgeous photographs for every recipe — to anticipate every bite. Her life has been centered around beautifully prepared and delicious food as a professional food stylist and certified culinary chef.


Her specialty is entertaining and she wants to show people how to do that without fuss as she's done for the last 31 years through recipes that culminate into menus for a variety of occasions.


“Each recipe is a living short story from Alyssa’s life…that’s what this book is all about, love! Love of food and the people to whom we express that love through cooking, sharing meals and creating new memories,” Al Owens, photographer of the cookbook, said. 


Alyssa is a graduate of Cornell University, has a chef certification from the New York Restaurant School, and was an attendee of Le Cordon Bleu, Paris. Through her lifelong culinary and artful career, she shares a taste of celebrations that will encourage you to create new, cherished memories around your table.


“En-JOY and cook just for the love of it.”

-Alyssa Alia

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