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Menus and Memories of the Life of a Food Stylist: Food Styling a Holiday House

My Happy Place - I love getting ready to food style for photography and packaging in my own kitchen!

I've even got a bit of icing on my arm as this was about my 10th chocolate house. Each made to perfection with precision, practice, practice, practice and most importantly, patience.

The first steps in making this chocolate house for Cadbury's Milka Bars come to life as chocolate houses! They're out this holiday season. Check the packaging and social media platforms of Cadbury for them.

Having the opportunity to be challenged by creativity, precision and the utmost attention to detail is wonderful, and makes for an even better day in the kitchen. Styled on parchment for easy transportation to the set as well.

Getting SO excited to share my love of cooking, entertaining and food styling secrets at the new Bed Bath & Beyond cooking school in East Hanover NJ just a week away on Sunday November 18 at 3:00! Check out their new website for more information and to register!

Keep your table talking!

EN- JOY and cook just for the love of it! Alyssa XO

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