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  • Alyssa Alia

Fun-sized: Ice Cream Pretzel Mini Bites

If craving a small treat that's a little sweet and salty you will love this! Perfect for a kid's party, too. Let the kids make this themselves and include their favorite toppings for a fun dessert treat they can do together.

En-Joy and just cook for the love of it!

~Alyssa XO

Ice Cream Pretzel Mini Bites

Just top a flat pretzel cracker with your favorite ice cream using a tablespoon. Top with second flat pretzel cracker. Dip in melted chocolate and favorite sprinkles. Freeze 1 to 2 hours or until firm, or just dig in!

Other Topping Suggestions:

Crushed Oreos

Chopped walnuts

Crushed graham crackers

Toasted coconut



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