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Menu and Memories of the Life of a Food Stylist

A typical day: squished on the set to get that great shot! Since I am "almost" 4' 11" I have found that my small size has actually worked to my benefit as a food stylist. Here I am squeezed right next to set with the camera right behind me!

In this pose I had to place my body and position my head directly in front of the lens and behind the table top so I can focus on styling my food at the correct angle. Sometimes the photographer will have an extra monitor with a live view of the set so I can see exactly where I need to make my adjustments and changes. Precisions and preciseness is key here especially if I am shooting a front panel packaging shot where I need to be following a lay-out to fit the design of the packaging. I love the challenge every time!

My photographers always mention that they are so glad that I am small so its easier for them to set up the set so I can fit in! My Dad, my mentor, always said I was small but mighty! Its actually his Birthday! Happy Birthday Dad! Miss you with love always!

En-JOY and cook just for the love of it!

~Alyssa XO

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