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Menus and Memories of the Life of a Food Stylist

I wanted to share a treasured recipe memory for throw back Thursday! Here is a picture of my Nana's Italian Wedding Soup which we just called 'scarole soup with mini meatballs when I was a kid! We made it with home-made chicken stock, mini meatballs, escarole and orzo pasta! It literally means , married soup, and refers to the marriage of flavors between the green and the meats. We thought it was served at weddings. Whatever the reason, it has been my favorite since a child and now my children' favorite! My Nana served it with stale bread cubes that she soaked with a mixture of beaten egg and parmesan cheese and then fried in olive oil! I always stole them while she was making them and she always had to make more! The best Italian dumpling! This will be featured in my next cookbook which we serve on cold winter nights and around our table during the holidays as well!

En- JOY and cook just for the love of it! - Alyssa XO

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