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Easy Eggplant Parmesan

🍆Easy Eggplant Parmesan without frying!

🏈With The chill in the air and football season in full swing, it’s time for comfort food ! Here’s is delicious classic recipe that you can make Easily and I had make ahead time!

You can prepare it a few days ahead and finish it before the game so it’s ready for halftime!

I thought it be easier to talk the recipe through with you, because it’s very forgiving. Please follow me along with my reel steps!

What you’ll need?

All purpose flour



Breadcrumbs(I prefer fresh breadcrumbs, mixed with Panko crumbs for extra crunch but you can use any type of breadcrumbs you like(are you still Italian sliced bread and process it fine in the food processor sometimes makes it with Panko crumbs for extra crunch)

Grated Parmesan Reggiano

Grated pecorino Romano

Marinara sauce(you can find my home-made marinara in both my cookbooks)

Sliced fresh mozzarella, or you can use your favorite shredded mozzarella

Extra-virgin olive oil

Fresh basil leaves

Step one-

Lineup, three large s shallow bowls, or small, rimmed baking sheets, or even large paper plates (to make clean up a breeze)

Line a large rimmed baking sheet with aluminum foil and place a large sheet of parchment paper on top. Drizzle with extra virgin olive oil.

Step 2

I start with 2 cups and add about a quarter cup each of grated Parmesan and pecorino Romano cheese. Sometimes I add chopped fresh Italian parsley for color and I love the flavor of garden fresh Italian parsley if you happen to have it available.

Step 3-Slice your eggplant with skin on about a 1/4 - inch thick.

Place the eggplant in the flour mixture, then the egg mixture and then lastly into the bread crumb mixture.

Place prepared eggplant in prepared baking dish. You may need 2 baking pans, depending upon how much you make. I start with one eggplant and if you’d like to use two, you may need to refill your dishes for dipping.

I like to drizzle the eggplant with extra virgin olive oil and bake at 425° for about 15 minutes or until tender and golden brown. I do not turn them so be the olive oil makes the bottoms nice and crunchy. When they are done let them cool.

Step 4-You can continue to assemble the recipe or choose to save them for a later time. Simply place the whole baking pan in the freezer. After about 30 minutes, wrap them individually in plastic wrap, and then place them in plastic storage bags and use them another time. It’s wonderful to have them prepared a head of time and it’s perfect to make a last minute eggplant Parm dinner or wonderful sandwich and even terrific on top of pizza!

Step 5-To prepare for eggplant Parmesan, I cover a baking dish lightly with marinara sauce and start layering with the cooked eggplant, sliced or grated mozzarella and more grated Parmesan cheese and pecorino Romano.

Repeat 1 to 2 more layers, which ever you prefer ending with marinara sauce and sliced mozzarella

Bake at 425° until cheese is melted and heated through.

En- JOY and cook just for the love of it!

Love -

Alyssa XO

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