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Menus and Memories of the Life of a Food Stylist

Risotto is one of my favorite weekend treats because I can drink my wine and stir at the same time while guests watch me and chat, Risotto is tricky to style though for photography shoot as well as other starches such as rice and pasta.

I have worked on numerou packaging shoots featuring rice and pasta and it would take an entire day to style forks of rice! One by one, I would tweeze the perfect rice kernels on a fork balancing them so they would not fall with vaseline or my secret glueing techniques. It was a taste of patience for sure. Sometimes the re-designs would take weeks or months to finish. I think all the years playing pick up sticks and dominos as a kid came handy for steadiness and precision especially for intense jobs such as these handling all kinds of varieties of rice and/or pasta. Take a better look at your supermarket aisles featuring rice and pasta and look at the packaging. Don't forget the frozen aisles too! A professional food stylist ( and maybe it was me) made that food look pretty! Mangia!

En- JOY and cook just for the love of it!


Alyssa XO

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