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Menus and Memories of the Life of a Food Stylist-Hmmmm...eeny meeny miny moe?

Eeny, Meeny, Miney,Moe! Which Pan should I fill with dough? Love this picture. Al Owens took this picture. unknowingly to me, when I was looking for the right pan. We had started shooting for my cookbook and he just captured this great moment. I have 100's of cake pans of all different sizes for home use for entertaining and for food styling. I may have to make over 12 pies just to get the perfect slice for, lets say a pie Ad or a topping Ad. The food is the star and you have to make the star ingredient the leading lady or man depending who is the client. If the pie is the client then we usually do not garnish or very minimal. If the topping is the star, then we make a gorgeous topping swirl or dollop to make that the star and top billing.

En-JOY and cook just for the love of it!

~Alyssa XO

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