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Menus and Memomies of the Life of a Food Stylist

Weekends are usually busy getting ready for my shoots and cooking for the family. But because of my food styling training I am a great make ahead person and I always prepared a few meals on the weekend especially when my girls were little so they had a fresh cooked meal every night! These chicken cutlets were and still are a staple in my house and just so versatile you can make so many combinations with them. Chicken Parmesan, Chicken milanese, or just a great sandwich! Here is my recipe that we shot in my home for my cookbook.

Every time I start frying or bake them, my smell memory kicks in! I immediately remember my Mom making them every Tuesday (Always designated as veal or chicken cutlet night) during my piano lessons. My sister and I would fight who would go first just so we could get the first bite of her freshly made cutlets. Hope you will try them found in my cookbook soon so these delicious cutlets become your family favorite too! I so wanted to share them so they will help make your life easier during your busy week while making new memories around your table.

En- JOY and cook just for the love of it!


-Alyssa XO

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