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Pignoli Cookies

Holiday magical food memories: Dancing Feet❣️ 💃🏻

One of my most vivid childhood memories is sitting under a folding table while watching my family's dancing feet to our player piano on Christmas Eve❣️

I remember trays and trays of piles of Christmas cookies above me and I would grab a pignoli cookie, 

as I watched my family with love and joy in my heart❣️

Here are my family’s pignoli cookies that are always the first to go on a cookie tray❣️

They originated in southern Sicily, and have been a treasured addition in my family for decades.

They are so easy to make, and actually are gluten-free❣️

The secret is to make sure you have very fresh almond paste, and do not overbake them❣️ I hope they become a magical food memory for  your family, too❣️

Just click on the link in my bio for the recipe and en-JOY❣️

Keep your table talking and merry merry❣️


Alyssa XO

Pignoli Cookies

Preheat oven to 325ºF.

Line baking sheets with bakers parchment paper.

12 ounces almond paste*

½ cup sugar

1 cup confectioners sugar

Combine in food processor and process until smooth and granulated together.

2 egg whites

½ teaspoon almond extract

Add to mixer bowl and beat on high speed until stiff. 

Fold into almond/sugar mixture.

1½ cups pignoli or pine nuts

Place on flat plate.

Using 1½-inch ice cream scooper or tablespoon, roll into nuts to completely cover.  Place 2 inches apart on prepared baking sheets and slightly flatten.

Bake 15 to 18  minutes or until lightly golden.

Cool on wire racks.

Dust, if desired, with confectioner’s sugar.

Makes about 2 dozen cookies

*TIP:  Purchase canned  almond paste from your local baker\ for best results.  The fresher the almond paste the softer the cookies. DO not overbake!

TIP:  Keep in airtight container for up to one week  to retain freshness or freeze up to one month.

TIP:  Recipe can be doubled which I highly recommend!

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