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Valentine's Day Strawberry Tarts

Valentine’s Day Strawberries ‘N Cream Tarts

Here is a showstopper dessert for Valentine’s Day It’s actually very simple to prepare and will make an exquisite dessert for your loved ones

I used 1 ( 10 oz. package) 6 frozen puff pastry shells (baked according to package directions)  While they’re cooling, I mixed 1 quart of strawberries, sliced, with a 1/4 cup sugar and a 1/4 cup of cream of Cassis (which is optional.) Let sit for 15 to 20 minutes. 

Fill the tarts with whipped cream, (I used about 1-1/2 cups fresh whipped cream or you can use any prepared whipped topping. Use 1/2 of the whipped cream to fill the bottom). Then, top with the strawberry mixture and top again with the remaining whipped cream 

Extra Special TIP-Use a rosette or star tip pastry tip when you pipe the whipped cream - it will make the dessert a bit more beautiful 

En-JOY and 

Happy Valentine’s Day


Alyssa XO

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